De Nijs project development is a sister company of De Nijs and Sons. To a degree, the companies are similar, however, in principle, the development team becomes involved in a project from the initial idea to the completion and hand off.
We are usually offered a project or awarded one on foot of a tender. Occasionally we develop our own concepts and designs, and in those cases we accept the eventual sales risk. 
The team compiles a list of design requirements, suitable architects and contractors are sourced – in North Holland this is usually De Nijs and Sons. Eventually we guide, complete and hand off the project.
Moreover, we also guide and advise potential buyers.

Careful preparation guarantees a smooth development process. We devise an optimum mix of materials, techniques, building designs and construction models.
In this way we keep, an economically responsible way, as close to the original design concept as possible.
The quality of a preliminary design determines if it will be deemed, worthwhile by the market. As always, at De Nijs, quality is paramount.

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On focus


For De Nijs the step towards CSR certification was not a big one, but rather a logical one.

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FSCĀ® Bouw & Hout Convenant

M.J. de Nijs en Zonen BV has signed the FSC ® Construction and wood Covenant.

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