Construction using BIM
Over the past ten years De Nijs has realized a dream, one made possible by BIM ‘Building Information Modelling’, BIM is a process of developing and managing digital representations of the actual and functional characteristics of places or structures. It allows architects, engineers, contractors and fitters to produce 3D models of building projects. It additionally ensures the efficient management of information throughout the duration of the project. Long before the first stone is laid both clients and designers, can take a virtual tour of the proposed building.
The various disciplines involved in the building process can exchange information online using ‘aspect models’. For this we apply the BIM standards of the Government Buildings Agency ensuring consistency in our terminology and mutual uniformity in our models and structures.

The primary strength of BIM lies in it’s central storage and optimal flow of information, affording the parties involved numerous advantages, such as being able to jointly contribute to the drawing of a functional object. BIM will quickly indicate where there is inconsistency in a design - even if it’s only a matter of a couple of centimetres, the design can then be adjusted to correct the error before construction begins.
More than ever, our primary focus is on preparation. By using BIM we increase our efficiency - saving the time miscalculations could cost us. Furthermore, technically ambitious projects carry less risk and we win out on quality. Building with BIM is faster, more efficient, more challenging and more engaging!

Here you can download the BIM flyer

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On focus


For De Nijs the step towards CSR certification was not a big one, but rather a logical one.

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FSCĀ® Bouw & Hout Convenant

M.J. de Nijs en Zonen BV has signed the FSC ® Construction and wood Covenant.

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