Bouwbedrijf M.J. de Nijs en Zonen BV signs the FSC® Construction and Timber Covenant 19-11-2013
De Nijs is a signatory to the FSC® Construction and Timber Covenant. Sixteen companies from the construction and timber industry have joined forces to promote the exclusive use of sustainable certified timber in construction projects
 On November 7th 2013 De Nijs signed the FSC® Construction & Timber Covenant. The signing took place in the restaurant ‘Loetje aan ‘t IJ’, in the very impressive Hiswa Nautic centre, which was built by De Nijs on the grounds of NDSM. The location was relevant to both De Nijs and the concept of building with sustainable timber. It is also where they built the multi award-winning Kraanspoor. By signing the covenant De Nijs is reiterating their previous commitment to sustainable development through the use of FSC® timber.
Fifteen well-known companies, including Heijmans, Royal BAM Group, Stiho and Royal Dekker, have already signed the covenant and have accepted the 2013 recommendations of The European Timber Council to prevent the import of illegal timber. Furthermore the above companies, including De Nijs, have consciously taken it a step further and will make a dedicated effort to increase the demand for sustainable timber, prompting in turn the timber trade, to meet that demand.
In support of this, henceforth, all in-house projects completed by De Nijs will make exclusive use of certified timber; likewise all tenders quoted on will be on the basis of using certified timber and timber products. This fully complies with the guidelines set down by the Dutch government on the responsible procurement of sustainable timber.
According to Liesbeth Gort, managing director of FSC® Netherlands. “These leading companies consider the application of certified sustainable timber as a matter of course. And this is how it should be, because we want to preserve our forests worldwide for now and in the future”.

Februari 2019:
Door omstandigheden is Bouwbedrijf De Nijs tijdelijk niet in staat het FSC certificaat te voeren. Wij zullen in overleg met de betrokken instanties op korte termijn de maatregelen treffen die nodig zijn om dat wel weer te kunnen doen.

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