Origins of De Nijs

De Nijs and Sons was founded in 1920. At that time the family had already been masons to the local municipality for two generations. From 1955, De Nijs carried out major non-residential projects within the region, and later throughout the country.
After the Second World War, there was, of course, plenty of work to be done.  In 1972 De Nijs was incorporated in its current form and it successfully bid on a great deal of renovation and restoration projects in Amsterdam. At that time, the four sons of Matthias Jacobus de Nijs managed the company. In 1988, the shares of the four brothers were transferred to ten cousins and a board of directors was established. Since 2013, there has been a gradual transition to the next generation of shareholders.

De Nijs Castricum is a socially responsible ISO certified contractor. The company aims to optimise craftsmanship, quality, innovation and sustainability.
Areas of Operation: Randstad, North Holland, Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Haarlem, Wassenaar, Noordwijk, Bloemendaal, Castricum, Egmond, Bergen, Schoorldam
Products: Residential Homes, Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Villas, Extensions, Dormer Windows, etc.
Services:  New Builds, Housing, Non-Residential Construction, Renovation, Restoration and Maintenance.

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On focus


For De Nijs the step towards CSR certification was not a big one, but rather a logical one.

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FSCĀ® Bouw & Hout Convenant

M.J. de Nijs en Zonen BV has signed the FSC ® Construction and wood Covenant.

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De Nijs Castricum
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