De Nijs Castricum is an independent limited company with a broad focus. It is involved in maintenance, refurbishing, renovation and management. In addition it builds for both corporate and private clients.
Our young highly skilled workers are up to date on the latest techniques and construction methods when building new homes, restoring old ones and maintaining them. Where more complex projects are concerned De Nijs Castricum brings in more specific knowledge, manpower and facilities from the parent company.
Maintenance and Management
Housing corporations, companies, institutions and private clients contract De Nijs Castricum to maintain homes, office spaces and public buildings. In this way we can distinguish between scheduled maintenance and controlling maintenance, checking for defects and monitoring repair requests.
Service and Guarantee (Warranty)
Increasingly we see, that after De Nijs and Sons has completed a project they also agree to a maintenance and management contract. This is done according to a mandated warranty and a service contract. De Nijs Castricum implements the warranties. 

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On focus


For De Nijs the step towards CSR certification was not a big one, but rather a logical one.

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FSCĀ® Bouw & Hout Convenant

M.J. de Nijs en Zonen BV has signed the FSC ® Construction and wood Covenant.

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De Nijs Castricum
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